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Log in Register Change Currency 0   Change Currency New Arrivals Brands sacai kolor Thom Browne Phigvel Makers & Co. View All Brands Adidas by Raf Simons Adieu Aimé Leon Dore Alden Alexander Olch Alyx Ami Astrid Andersen Barena Venezia Buscemi Caputo & Co. Carhartt Work In Progress Common Projects Enfants Riches Déprimés Eton Fabric-Brand & Co. Facetasm Fanmail Gentle Monster Gitman Brothers Vintage Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Haider Ackermann Herschel Supply Co. John Elliott Kapital Kijima Takayuki kolor Larose Paris (MALIN+GOETZ) Marni Midnight Studios Mikia Moncler Monocle Mr. Completely Mr. Gray Nanamica No. 8 nonnative OAMC Overhead Passarella Death Squad People Footwear PURPLE Denim R13 Raf Simons READYMADE RE/DONE Richardson RHUDE S.N.S. Herning Sacai Satisfy Saturdays Surf NYC Stella McCartney STILL BY HAND Sun Buddies The Elder Statesman Taikan Thom Browne ts(s) V::ROOM Vault by Vans visvim Wonders YEEZY Departments Clothing Blazers Denim Knitwear Outerwear Pants Polos Shirts Shorts Suiting Sweatshirts Swimwear T-Shirts All Clothing Footwear Boots Shoes Sneakers All Footwear Accessories Bags Belts Blankets Eyewear Garment Care Gloves Hats Housewares Jewellery Pocket Squares & Handkerchiefs Scarves Socks Ties Timepieces Wallets & Keychains All Accessories Apothecary Candles Fragrances Grooming Incense All Apothecary Library Books Magazines Stationery All Library News Sale Search News New Arrivals | AMI Saturday January 09, 2016

Now available in-store, online next week.

Filed under:   AMI New Arrivals Coming Soon | AMI FOR MONCLER Tuesday June 09, 2015


Continuing their run of various successful collaborations with the likes of White Mountaineering, Visvim, working with 2015 CFDA Fashion Icon Award winner Pharell Williams as well as bringing in Thom Browne full-time for Moncler Gamme Bleu, Moncler is back with another high profile alliance with the Parisian brand AMI, by Alexandre Mattiussi.

The collection is a mix between Moncler's high-end casual technicality with AMI's now trademark minimalist ethos which creates a versatile and innovative collection, consisting of a series of smart outerwear jackets, sweatshirts, blazers, knitwear, caps, and other accessories.  

We are excited to announce that we'll be receiving this collection, so stayed tuned for release updates.

Filed under:   AMI Collaboration Coming Soon Fall Winter 2015 Moncler Highlight | Sun's out, Tees out! Tuesday June 09, 2015


It's June! That means warmer weather, shorter sleeves, and higher hems for everyone! Here are a few of our favourite tees for this summer:

Ami's latest collaboration with Smileyworld brings an added element of fun to the designer's ever-growing repertoire of sophisticated threads. The smiley is probably the world's most recognized symbol in the digital world. Crew-neck style with premium cotton construction, relaxed fit. 

Ami Happy AMI Print T-Shirt ($120)

Crafted from a supple and lightweight cotton blend, the marled short sleeve houses a single chest pocket, "U" collar and curved hem. For a clean and casual aesthetic with premium fabrics and unique details, look no further than Japanese label - nonnative. 

nonnative Dweller Tee SS Cotton Jersey (on sale $72)

"Yuh, in my white tee!" 100% cotton, relaxed fit, ribbed neck. This perfect white tee is in 100% non-stretch cotton jersey.

A.P.C. Liverpool T-Shirt ($115)

A brand staple for The Elder Statesmen, this tee is the perfect blend of cashmere and silk; cozy yet light enough to wear through summer. It's cut is emphasized by leaving all hems and edges raw, allowing no distraction from the bare essentials.

The Elder Statesman Printed Favourite Tee (on sale $354)

A bold take on a classic design. Cut from a lightweight jersey in a paneled construction with a contrasting stitched chest panel, finished with a ribbed collar and cuffs. THIS is THAT sweater tee that you've been looking for. Dries Van Noten is available in-store only, please e-mail for inquiries. 

Filed under:   A.P.C. AMI Dries Van Noten Highlight nonnative Summer T-Shirts Tees The Elder Statesman New Arrivals | AMI SS15 Tuesday June 02, 2015


Ami is a unique concept of ready to wear for men: a complete wardrobe - easy to wear, well designed, and above all, cool. This spring/summer collection is completed with a look of the 90's back to school, Breaker High or Beverly Hills 90210 kind of vibe. Ripped, washed out jeans with college crewneck sweater and Smiley Face tee - the bemoaning teen state when all that mattered was the end of day bell. Ladies and gentlemen, the 90's are back!

Alexandre Mattiussi's Spring/Summer 2015 collection is now available in-store and online. 

Filed under:   Alexandre Mattiusi AMI New Arrivals Now Available SS15 Feature | Spring Patterns Thursday April 10, 2014

With the weather warming up its time to start thinking about summer wardrobes. Prints are always a nice way to add a little bit of life to an outfit, we've picked a few of our favourites from brands like Saturday's Surf NYC and Alex Mill above. 

BWGH Print Cap 

Saturdays Surf NYC  Esquina Mineral Print Shirt 

Kenzo  Scribbles Bucket Hat 

BWGH  Short Sleeve Tulip Shirt 

Saturdays Surf NYC Mineral Print Trunks

AMI  Backpack

Alex Mill Bandana Print Short 

Saturdays Surf NYC Jay Mineral Print Sneaker  White

Saturdays Surf NYC Jay Mineral Print Sneaker Blue 

Filed under:   Alex Mill Ami Brooklyn We Go Hard KENZO Saturdays Surf NYC New Arrivals | AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Friday March 28, 2014 Look 1: Tropical Print Shirt | Look 2: Open Knit Crew Neck Sweater & College Stripe Carrot Trousers | Look 3: Felt Hat & Worker Bermuda Shorts

AMI designer Alexandre Mattiussi’s fascination with the places where disparate lifestyles intersect brought us a Paris metro-themed collection last season, and this season he brings us to the airport for a diverse collection of professional and casual wardrobe must-haves. Whether returning from vacation or heading out on business, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Ami has all the essentials needed for a smooth flight, and everything else you’d need in the meantime. Prints are always one of Ami’s strong points, and this season’s tropical plant print adds a dose of fun and relaxation to the label’s consistent and dependable reputation.

Pictured: Unlined Double Breasted Blazer Pictured: Felt Hat, Braided Leather Derby Shoes Pictured: Denim Jacket, Tropical Print Bermuda Shorts, Multicolour Low Trainers Pictured: Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater

Shop the rest of our Spring arrivals from AMI here.

Filed under:   Ami New Arrivals S/S 2014 Focus | Wingtip Brogues Thursday October 24, 2013

Nothing says timeless sophistication like a classic wingtip shoe with brogue detailing, and this season we’ve got a style to suit your every mood. Keep it simple with the all black pebble grain longwing option from Thom Browne, go wild with the glazed leather two-tone choice from Ami, or walk the middle ground with the Alden wingtip oxford. There is no wrong choice when it comes to wingtip brogues, which look good worn with everything from formal suits to vintage wash jeans, so be sure to check out all the options here to find the right one for you.

One of our more eye-catching options is from French label Ami. These glazed leather wingtips come in a green and black two-tone pattern with a bonus pair of merino wool socks included in the box. Or, if you prefer to keep it more traditional, go with the Alden Wingtip Blucher Oxford in burnished tan calfskin with heavy single oak leather outsoles.

Some of the most popular options come in the form of longwing brogues from Thom Browne. Choose from a brown pebble grain leather one with a crepe sole or a green suede leather sole style.

Traditionalists will always love the all-black longwing brogue from Thom Browne, which comes in a beautifully textured pebble grain leather, and can be worn for almost every occasion you can think of.


Filed under:   Alden Ami Shoes Thom Browne New Product | A/W 13 Shoes Tuesday August 27, 2013

Ami | Two Tone Wing Tip | $580.00

Fall is right around the corner, so to help, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite shoes to ease you into the seasons change. They include brands Thom Browne, Ami and Alden.

Alden | Cordovan Plain Blucher | $700.00

Ami | Plain Derby | $440.00

Thom Browne | Crepe Sole Wing Tip | $890.00

Ami | Metallic Leather Trainer | $290.00

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